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I guess you weren’t made for this
Your face looks too sore
There’s a pain in the back of my back
The scab is on the floor

The massacres of the morcels
In a ball of your time
I fought at the birth of the pack
To be the first in line

And when you tied me to the track a warning was not there
So run boy! Flee boy! Try to cry boy! Hide me from that glare
And if you want to be so very scared

l've seen it, misplaced it
push it in pull it out

you want it, l ate it
push it in pull it out

you need it, we spaced out
push it in pull it out

with lace out, the dream house
push it in pull it out

Two years of piss and crap
And I’m the prince of Wales
Blackened by the thread of a sack
Shortened by these gales

I was found in a cave of holes
Twisted from a crown of clans
There’s a gash in the back of my back
Shortened nails on your palms
l've seen it
misplaced it
renegged it
dadada tell a tale

you want it
l ate it
replaced it
push it in pull it out

you need it
we spaced out
breeders trout
dadada tell a tale

with lace out
the dream house
a scared mouse
push it in pull it out


from The Conundrum of Sheldon Whipstock Back's Back, released January 11, 2011




Arne von Brill Republic of Korea

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